When it´s time to get braces

Why not look great…twice.

While you´re wearing the appliance. And after they´re off. Mystique virtually “disappears” in your month, adn they´ll give you a beautifull, confident smile from day one. Something both you and your orthodontist will clearly appreciate.

But why braces? And why now?

At least 25% all patients are adults. Many more are beginning treatment. Whit Mystique´s patented formula, these discerning patients will realice the benefits of a healthy smile, a better bite, easier brushing and, ultimately, more balanced facial features. After all, an improved appearence matters to everyone.

Will they take longer?

Retainer-type appliances are not for everyone. Also, they are subject to more restriccions. Mystique Works with the realiability of metal and the attractive appearance or retainers, so now you get the best of both.

imagen 1

Do they cost as much as these new computer-designed retainers?

No. In fact, Mystique is much less expensive tan retainer appliances, and you don´t have to wait 30-60 days before getting started.

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How do I get started?

Ask your orthodontist about Mystique to find out if it is right for you. Your ortodontist will go over the many benefist of orthodontic treatment, and the advantages of the Mystique appliance system. Once you are fitted with Mystique, you can start smiling with complete confidence almost immediately.